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Rachel Antoinette
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I think I prefer balenciaga speed trainer this Balenciaga to the "Violet Blonde", actually; it seems less artificial or synthetic. It lasts reasonably well, and even longer on fabric. With a bit of body heat, sillage increases, and you may be surprised by wafts of delicious scent hours into wearing. I find that I am reaching for this perfume often since acquiring it, and wearing it with great pleasure. It is both solid, in terms of its construction and quality, and translucent feeling, like a diamond with light playing on it.Olivier Polge integrates redistilled wood such as cedar and patchouli. Floral essences are represented by carnation and violet. I think that's why they're one of my favorite fragrance houses, despite such a small collection to choose from. I will definitely purchase a bottle of Balenciaga Paris this coming year.I really like how Balenciaga managed to take balenciaga triple s such an old-fashioned flower as the violet and create with it a truly modern perfume. Elegant, airy, intelligent, and sophisticated, this is a great work perfume for me -- it seems like it's for a busy lady who nonetheless has the sense to appreciate beauty and incorporate balenciaga shoes it into her daily life.This is violet an iris done in the style of the grand dame parfums of yesteryear, only not as strong, sweet, or heady. There are classic perfumes like No.5 and Shalimar that have this vintage aura about them, and then there is Balenciaga Paris, which is the epitome of a modern perfume. When I first spray it on, I can smell a blast of carnation. About 2 minutes later, the violet note becomes prominent and it stays there for the rest of the time. Maybe that's what makes this perfume so balenciaga sneakers urban. The perfume lasts about 5 hours on my skin, which is not very long lasting for a EDP, but it's still great. It reminds me of the L'eau Rose because there's a hint of spicy note in both of them, but Paris is more modern. I am so happy wearing it on a day off, it keeps me going at work, I can also wear it in evening, as a highly elegant evening perfume, that would go great with a black silk dress. It came in a black pouch and since I bought a small bottle, I often carry it in my purse for additional spritz in the afternoon. It beautifully layers over my other fragrances.I would say this perfume is perfect for a confident person who is not afraid of anything that might come in their way.Delicious violets, green leaves and purple flowers, oozing rain drops, wisps of sun and fragrance. Imagine the flowers as slightly dainty. I don t think it has so much sillage and on my skin it doesn t last very long. If L Essence is balenciaga speed runner the fresh, sporty and natural sister of the Balenciaga family, Balenciaga Paris is the romantic and ladylike sister. It is crisp and elegant in a classic way and I find it more romantic than sexy. In 3 words: SWEET  ROMANTIC - CRISPSuch few notes and among them carnation (a note that can be a big no-no on my skin) yet "Balenciaga Paris" is a powdery violet dream with a patchouli infused base (if the patchouli sounds daunting don't fear, it s a very chic patchouli and it is hiding under the violet) that is extremely feminine and elegant.
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